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For factory loads, the .44 Mag ammunition is going to be quite a bit more expensive than the .357 Mag rounds. The same goes for the brass when loading by hand. While there are rounds available that are cheaper and on the high end of the price spectrum for the 44 Mag vs 357 Mag, averages lean towards the .44 Mag is a more expensive cartridge .357 Magnum (L) and .44 Magnum (R) (Dan Z. for TTAG) While it has never actually held the title of the most powerful, it certainly is in practice due to the fact that most people have no interest in shooting anything bigger and consider many of those upper-end rounds to be excessive and unnecessary This video takes a look at the differences between the 357 Mag and the 44 Mag to see which is the best Magnum RoundYour support is critical to our mission an..

Support us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/whoteewhoHeavy Metal: https://www.youtube.com/user/heavymetalpaul1Impact ear protection: https://amzn.to/2KxJNy.. This is the link to Paul's patreon account. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=576930 .357 Magnum vs .44 Magnum Velocity and Energy. When I shot these groups, I also took velocity readings with our LabRadar. This device measures the muzzle velocity just like a chronograph does, but it also can also tell us the velocity at various increments as the bullet moves down range. I had it set to give readings at 50, 100, and 150 yards

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We're comparing the 357 magnum vs. the 44 magnum. We're going to test out which We're comparing the 357 magnum vs. the 44 magnum. We're going to test out which. ITEM 19E. or 44 Magnum, they were able to increase the magazine capacity. 357 Magnum vs the Bottle boy, Takako Koontz, Watch Dailymotion video and save them to your devices to play anytime for free its kind of like the relationship between 38special and 357 magnum. 357 mag at 125 gr JHP travels at around 1550 fps and will stay inside the body. 357 load. 99 RUGER Ruger Wrangler It's time for part two of our Lever Action Rifle Series! Today, we're looking at .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum when fired from lever action rifles (in this case.. 76Highboy said: 357 Magnum is superior to the 44 special in terms of more stopping power for self defense. The only reason the 357 Magnum is not a preferred cartridge to a semi-auto pistol is ammo capacity. Highboy If you need to stop something that requires a .44, .454 casoule or .500 S&W magnum for protection, a .357 is a sub caliber. For a 2 legged individual you might never get off a second shot. The .44 special loads are quite controlable and not far from a .45 auto. But for bear, boar or other large game this is a real choice

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357 Magnum vs 44 Magnum Price Comparison. Most shooters, on some level, are concerned with price. Although both of these handgun cartridges are not generally used in high-volume shooting, a difference of only a few dimes per shot can make a big difference over a lifetime of ownership So, if you don't like shooting .44 mag handguns and prefer .357's, then the .357 lever gun is the obvious choice. On the flipside, if you are a .44 mag handgunner, then thats the obvious choice. View Quote. Yep. My wrists won't take the .44 mags and even the .44 Specials are no go after a cylinder full This indicates what we already knew: The 44 magnum is much more powerful than the 357 magnum. When he changes things up to compare the most commonly-used bullet weight for each cartridge, you can really see the difference. 158 grains in the 357 conjured up an average velocity of 1363 fps and 651 foot-pounds of energy, while 240 grains in the 44 gave him 1270 fps and 859 foot-pounds It's that time again, friends. Yes, that's right, it's time for a faceoff between two of the most popular magnum revolver rounds out there: the .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum. This is bound to be an interesting edition of State Your Case because there's a very wide division between faithful shooters of each of these venerable rounds History of the .44 Magnum. Developed in the 1950s by Elmer Keith, the .44 Magnum improved upon the power of the .357 Magnum. Compared to the .357, the .44 was loaded to a higher pressure, which increased its velocity

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357 Magnum Vs 45 Acp Vs 9mm Vs Pumpkin Funnydog Tv is top nude porn. free download 357 Magnum Vs 45 Acp Vs 9mm Vs Pumpkin Funnydog Tv naked photos with high resolution on Free Nude Porn Photos, 357 magnum vs 45 acp vs 9mm vs pumpkin funnydog tv Nake What's the difference between .357 sig and .357 magnum then? I've read people saying .357 sig brings .357 magnum's kick but it a smaller bullet so how can it possibly have as big of a kick as a .357 magnum and how are they compared between each other? What are the advantages and disadvantages between those two Answer (1 of 2): For the short answer, scroll to the bottom. Thokozani, three things significantly contribute to the sound of a discharging firearm. Barrel Length - the shorter the barrel, the louder the sound, for a given amount of gunpowder blast. For this comparison we will say that both of t.. So, I can either pick up a .357 magnum, or a .44 magnum right now. If the SHTF*, which would you go with, given the availability of local ammo, and the fact that 357 might be over-kill for somethings, yet the 44 would work better on anything bigger or more protected (vehicles, bears, etc.)

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Ok, before I start I know the 357 vs. 44 mag has been debated to death. I am asking this question as I want to pick up a new Ruger Super Blackhawk in either on of the calibers. I plan on using this solely for whitetail/ coyote hunting. I do know the 357 with the right loads in plenty ample for the above game out to 70 yards. I would like to hear opinions from actual users of said calibers and. The .357/44 Bain & Davis is a centerfire pistol cartridge designed ca. 1964 by Keith Davis, a partner and pistolsmith of the Bain & Davis Gunshop of San Gabriel, California. The purpose was to give improved velocity over the .357 Magnum by using the larger .44 Magnum case necked down to hold a 0.357 diameter bullet.. Initially, Smith and Wesson Model 27 revolver cylinders were modified to. Re: 357 mag vs 44 mag. El 44 magnum es un tirazo ,para caza es exelente ,en contra para defensa tiene la cadencia de fuego y que después de tirar perdes tiempo escencial para volver a hacer blanco ,el 357 patea menos esa es su ventaja ,también diría que es mas manejable un 357 de 4 que el 44 mio de 6,5 Ruger Super Redhawk 44 Magnum, Ruger Match Champion 357 Magnum and Ruger SP 101 357 Magnum. These beautiful revolvers are complete tanks The .357 Magnum has the penetration to reach vital organs in the bear, but what are the chances of making that shot in an emergency? In this observers humble opinion, the .357 Magnum is marginal at best for protection against bears. I would want something considerably larger. In handguns, the .44 Magnum would be my baseline

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357 Mag vs 44 Mag. Kifaru, International. August 12, 2020 · Here is a quick video discussing the differences between the 357 & 44 Mag. If you still have questions please give us a call! Related Videos. 0:32. We are so so close to releasing the full film from the caribou hunt in Alaska OP, the 44 Magnum is my favorite caliber but my favorite pistol caliber lever guns are 357. They barely kick at all, and magnum loads gain as much as 500 FPS over the same load in a revolver. I don't understand the SAAMI specs for a 44 magnum in a rifle, they are different than a 44 revolver .44 special. 180 gr XTP bullet with 10.7 gr of VV N350 will clock you about 1173 fps. Not too shabby. That is 549 foot pounds of energy from a .44 diameter bullet. Toting that around in a .44 snubbie will let some Goblin or Wild Critter know you were thinking of them..357 magnum The only similarities between the .357 and the .44 is the 'magnum' label on the end. Comparing them is apples and oranges. With the .44, you can almost double the bullet weight of a 357 with little or no velocity loss. If that ain't a step up in power, I don't know what would be

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The most recent model, the Mark XIX, is available in .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 429 DE (introduced 2018) and .50 Action Express (or .50 AE). This model comes in a variety of different finishes, such as brushed chrome or titanium gold. Magnum Research offered this model in .440 Cor-Bon caliber, a .50 AE derived case The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .357 Magnum vs .44 S&W Special ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, o 44 magnum vs recul 357 Magnum Il est important de vous renseigner sur les effets de recul variable d'un.357 Magnum et un.44 Magnum avant leur utilisation. Tir un.44 Magnum sans avoir connu le recul d'un.357 Magnum peut causer des blessures. Histoire de la.357 Magnum Le.357 Magnum The cost of .44 Special/Magnum ammo and selection compared to .38 Special/.357 balances your options in favor of the smaller caliber everything else being equal. IMO the .45 Colt is a non-starter considering the high costs of factory ammo and extremely limited loadings. Havok7416, May 28, 2012. #3 .357 Magnum vs .44 Magnum Lever Action

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  1. 44 Magnum vs 357 Magnum Levergun. Ready to push the button on a nice 44 Mag levergun purchase. Rossi 92, stainless, 24 octagonal barrel. I've owned 44 magnum leverguns in the past, and I don't find standard factory loads to be that harsh in a rifle. Although, I prefer the 357 in a revolver for lower recoil
  2. The .357 Smith & Wesson Magnum, .357 S&W Magnum, .357 Magnum, or 9×33mmR as it is known in unofficial metric designation, is a smokeless powder cartridge with a .357-inch (9.07 mm) bullet diameter. It was created by Elmer Keith, Phillip B. Sharpe, and Douglas B. Wesson of firearm manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Winchester.. It is based upon Smith & Wesson's earlier .38 Special cartridge
  3. Given a similar gun and barrel length, the .357 will always be easier to shoot and generally more accurate. It could be said that the .357 has a slight edge in terms of firearm weight and capacity, with some models weighing only a bit over a pound and holding eight rounds. A lightweight .44 Magnum is downright painful to shoot and hard to control
  4. The .44 Magnum boasts greater bullet weights for deep penetration combined with a wider frontal area as an aid to low velocity killing. On the other hand, the .357 Magnum can prove to be a vastly more emphatic killer than some of our more recent low velocity tactical rifle cartridge designs although the latter have superior trajectories
  5. Our .357 Magnum carbine: a new-production Marlin 1894C. It has an 18″ round barrel, weighs a little over six pounds, and holds 9+1 rounds. Our .357 Magnum pistol: a 1980s Smith & Wesson Model 686 with a 4″ barrel. If you don't own one, you should
  6. .357 magnum vs 44 magnum; Si esta es tu primera visita, asegúrate de revisar la AYUDA para familiarizarte con las funciones del foro. Si deseas publicar mensajes, será necesario que te registres para que puedas dejar respuestas y crear tus propios mensajes, recuerda que es gratis
  7. The .357 Magnum vs. the .45 Colt: Quick and low, big and something more and after a couple of years of development the .357 Magnum was introduced in 1935 by using the .38-44 as a stopgap..

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The .357 Magnum on the other hand does this job and that of a game getter as well. In the scope of my existence, the .357 really is hands down the better of the two (properly loaded with the right. 1050 Ti Vs 1060 3Gb. 1050 Ti Vs 1060 6Gb. 1050 Ti Vs 750 Ti. 1060 3Gb Vs 1050 Ti. 1070 Sli Vs 1080 Ti. 1070 Ti Vs 1080 Ti. 1070 Ti Vs 980 Ti. 1080 Ti Vs 2080 Ti. 1080 Ti Vs Titan X. 1095 Cro-Van Steel. 12 000 Btu Air Conditioner. 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet. 12 Inch Corrugated Drain Pipe. 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress A while back I debated the 45 colt vs 44 mag debate and ultimately went with the 44 mag. I can't even remember why. The mistake I know i made was I bought a 7.5 Super Redhawk. This was before I shot my first single action so I really regret not getting a Super Blackhawk. What are people's..

Between the .357 magnum and 9mm, unfortunately its more like comparing apples and oranges. The cartridge information gives us a general look at stopping power and the ability to get a bullet on target, but it is missing an essential component which is terminal performance In addition, I have used a 6 .357 revolver to take a doe with same bullets from a bow blind. 'bout a 15 yrd shot and she hobbled off and died quietly a few yards from where she was shot. Lovin' the carbine and .357 magnum altogether. I've since killed one buck and one doe with my Marlin 1894SS lever action in 44 mag Cartridge (Wb@MV) Pistol Wt. (lbs.) Recoil E. (ft. lbs.) Recoil V. (fps).25 ACP (50 at 800) 0.75: 0.9: 8.7.30 Carbine (110 at 1400) 3.0: 4.9: 10.2.32 ACP (71 at 910 .357 magnum vs. 44 Magnum with Fort Scott Tumble Upon Impact Ammunition Today we're looking at Fort Scott Munitions TUI, or Tumble Upon Impact Rounds to see how fast they're going over the chronograph, and whether or not they'd make a good bear load Interestingly enough, both the 357 and 44 magnums had forerunners, the 38 Special and 44 Special, from which the magnum loadings were developed. The 41 Special would come later

They do make the L in 44 magnum (model 69), but it's only five shots. They used to make a 44 special (the 696, that one in my picture) but it was also only five shots (size of hole required versus size of cylinder - not room for six), and it's been discontinued. Except for that one 44 magnum, the biggest you can go with an L or K is 357 .44 Mag is capable of creating considerable muzzle flash that is clearly visible even in daylight. As a result, if you shoot guns chambered in .44 Magnum in low light conditions then you might temporarily blind yourself. All in all, .44 Special is usually the winner in .44 Special vs. .44 Magnum regarding night firing. Verdict: You Call The Sho 357 Magnum Vs 44 Magnum, AIRSOFT 0 29 joules vs 357 magnum vs 500 S&W magnum, 500 S&W Magnum YouTube, 40 S&W vs 357 Sig vs 9MM vs 45 ACP (Part 2) (FMJ, Handgun size comparison Left to right are a 9mm Luge I enjoy the Marlin 336 30/30 but like the 357 Magnum more. What I really want though is a Marlin 1894 pre-cross bolt 44 Magnum to match my 357. Yep here in the South East United States the 357 and 44 magnum 1994 Marlin rifles do it all Paul tests 357 magnum and 44 magnum out of lever action carbines

Ive shot and own the 357 mag and the 500 mag,but not mentioned.Ive shot the 460.The 357 can be painfull after a few dozen rounds,the 460 hurts after a few rounds But the 500 hurts after a couple rounds lol.So between the 357 and 460 its kinda right in the middle of the 3 mentioned.I bet after 6 rounds of 460 ur ready to put it down for a few minutes.But thier ALL FUN!!!! Wondering how the weight, balance and handling compares between a Uberti 1873 lever action in 44-40( or 44mag) and 357 magnum, both with 24 octagonal barrels? Might seem like a strange question but I have handled a 357 in such configuration which was all I could find and did not find it too long.. I have killed a number of deer with a .44 Magnum. 250 gr Keith at 1300 fps will shoot through a large deer lengthwise. I have also shot a deer with a 250 gr Keith at 1200 fps and the deer never knew the difference. This is within the power of a heavily loaded .44 Special (perfectly safe in an N frame S&W or a Ruger .44 Lipsey Special) 357 Magnum Vs 45 70, Pin on Firearms, Bullet Display, Is the 44 Magnum still the most powerful handgun in the, Why can t I use regular 45 Ammo for my lever action rifl

357 Magnum vs 44 Magnum - 什麼對你更好?所以你想攜帶左輪手槍。好主意。當所有人都出去時,這是可靠的。左輪手槍的活動部件比半自動手槍少得多,後者可能會出現故障並 antefixus' Smith and Wesson 686 .38 Special revolver with some of my speed loaders ready for RSO inspection. I had three misfires from a box of new, quality ammunition. I put the rounds through a second time and they all fired. Taken from Ammo.com: The .357 Magnum - the first and most popular.

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The Desert Eagle has been in a league of its own since it was first released in 1983. With its comparatively sophisticated engineering, sizeable dimensions and design for Magnum revolver cartridges caliber .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum (later also the .50 AE), it clearly stands out from standard pistol engineering and has remained special to this day Now I am not comparing the two rounds in total, I am just saying that the energy reaches .44 magnum ranges when a 6 barrel is used. Now most guys who pack a .357 for woods carry opt for a 4 gun and most say Ah, there isn't much difference between a 4 and 6 gun, but I say nay

Guggst Du in einer der letzten VISIER rein. Da war ein schöner Bericht über das was die verschiedenen Standardkaliber (9 Para, .357 Mag, .44 Mag und 45 ACP) leisten, wo sie in welchem Zielmedium durchgehen und wie weit 11. Dezember 2013. Ich habe einen Marlin in.357 und einen in .44 und bin mit beiden sehr zufrieden. Die .44 Magnum macht um ein vielfaches mehr Spass da sie den grösseren Bumms hat. Ich schiesse beide UHR´en meist nur auf unserem 25 Meter Stand da ich für die 100 Meter einen in .45-70 und in .30-30 habe Plus those cartridges are going to be easier to punch out with that tiny, tiny extractor rod than full-power .357 Magnum, recoil issues aside. It's nice the LCR more steel for extra weight though. If a novice had to use a revolver though, I'd personally lean toward a K-frame, six-shot with at least a 4'' barrel

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Popular Magnum Calibers for Fiction. When writing, I'd skip noting that a certain ammunition is magnum unless you can confirm it exists in reality. Popular for fiction are the .357 magnum (the PI's choice) and .44 magnum (a la Dirty Harry) handgun calibers, although there are others. Shotgun ammunition can also come in magnum versions .357 is the measurement of the bore of a gun. .357 Magnum is the name for a particular rimmed cartridge that uses .357 bullets. There are other cartridges using the same size bullet, but they are.

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With the .357 Mag you're generally limited to between 5 and 8 rounds immediately on tap, with the .40 it's usually between 12 and 15. With bullets of similar weight (158vs155), both have approximately 500 f/p energy at the muzzle. It all boils down to what this person wants and expects form their purchase .357 Magnum vs .44 Magnum Lever Actions - Lucky Gunner It's time for part two of our Lever Action Rifle Series! Today, we're looking at .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum when fired from lever action rifles (in this case, two identical rifles -- a pair of Henry X Models) There have been discussions in the past about the comparison between the .357 Magnum and the .30 Carbine cartridges. The comparisons have all included .357 magnum pistol velocities though. Well I did some research and got the ballistics for commercial .357 Magnum ammunition fired from a rifle. The results are: . 357 Magnum Rifle M.V. 1830 fps 100 yds 1427 fps 200 yds 1138 fps 158 gr. soft.

Complete 357 magnum ammunition ballistics Chart. Compare all 357 Magnum ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart .357 Magnum vs .44 Magnum Lever Actions - Lucky Gunner Lounge A deep dive into .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum when fired from lever action rifles. We tested their useful range, ballistics, velocity, and mor State Your Case: .357 Magnum vs. .44 Magnum. It's that time again, friends. Yes, that's right, it's time for a faceoff between two of the most popular magnum revolver rounds out there: the .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum. This is bound to be an interesting edition of State Your Case because there's a very wide division between faithful. The .45 Colt can be handloaded to .44 magnum power, and beyond, but I'm guessing that a standard factory load would be in about the same range as .357 magnum. You can look at some ammo on some ammunition site and compare the muzzle velocity and the bullet weights to get an idea The 44 Magnum rounds have poor concealment value. It can only be used in open carry. Usually, it is fired by big revolvers. When making a 10mm vs 357 ammo carrying option comparison, the 10×25mm would not work in a concealed carry as much as the 357 would. Winner: 10×25m

A .357 may be just as fine, round-for-round, but i f I can carry a 4-inch or 5-1/2-inch .357-Mag revolver, I can pretty much just as easily carry a .44-Mag Redhawk or something comparable. For every .357-Mag there is a similar .44-Mag in the same barrel length that is comparable. It might be a couple ounces heavier, but it is comparable 357 vs 44 mag rifle - 44 magnum vs 357 magnum · The practical end uses of the,357 are many and varied, such as hunting, self-defense plenty of stopping power, home defense and target shooting, It's also very forgiving to make handloads for, Guns as small as the S&W J-Frame are readily available and carry easily, The,44 Magnum, on the other hand, struggles greatly in small guns The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .327 Federal Magnum vs .357 Magnum ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, o .357 magnum vs 44 magnum Si esta es tu primera visita, asegúrate de revisar la AYUDA para familiarizarte con las funciones del foro. Si deseas publicar mensajes, será necesario que te registres para que puedas dejar respuestas y crear tus propios mensajes, recuerda que es gratis .357 Magnum vs .38 Special comparison. The .38 Special and .357 Magnum are both rimmed, centerfire cartridges commonly used in revolvers. Except for case length, the .38 and .357 are virtually identical. .38 cartridges can be fired from revolvers chambered for the .357, but the converse is not..

Und von der Wirkung her ist .357 definitiv nicht so toll. Es hat schon seine Gründe, warum bei IPSC Revolver mittlerweile fast alle 9mm Para verwenden! (Und Hemmungen/ Defekte etc. gibts bei Revolvern natürlich genauso- nur steht dann meistens alles!) Meine Meinung: Wenn schon Revolver, dann was mit ordentlichem Bumms (ab .44 Mag. aufwärts) Using data from BallisticsByTheInch.com, out of a 16-inch rifle the .357's velocity jumps on average around 500 fps at the muzzle compared to out of a 4-inch revolver.Furthermore, with the right load the magnum can easily break the 2,000-fps mark. For a pistol cartridge that's moving. This isn't to say the .44 Magnum and the .45 Colt don't perform well out of a carbine or rifle 357 Magnum vs. 9mm Velocity The speed of the bullet will have a major impact on performance, including terminal ballistics, expansion, and penetration, as well as shot trajectory. 158 grains in the 357 conjured up an average velocity of 1363 fps and 651 foot-pounds of energy, while 240 grains in the 44 gave him 1270 fps and 859 foot-pounds

Der 357 muss ein Auto-Shell-Gehäuse haben, nicht das Revolver-Gehäuse, in dem der 44 die reguläre 44-Mag-Patrone hat, genau wie das Gewehr oder der Revolver. Wieder ist es Präferenz. Die meisten Menschen lieben, was auch immer sie haben, ich bin ein Desert Eagle 44 Mag-Typ. Gehen Sie zu einem Bereich, der jede Waffe in Semi und Revolver vermietet The .44 Magnum is actually a relatively new cartridge compared to some. It was first designed in 1950, and wasn't commercially produced until 5 years later. The cartridge was developed by one Elmer Keith, a writer and outdoor sportsman who was also instrumental in the development of the .357 Magnum and other magnum handgun cartridges Henry Repeating Arms very kindly loaned us a pair of their Big Boy X Models to use for this video series. These two guns are identical except that one is chambered in .357 Magnum, and the other is a .44 Magnum. They were our test rifles for the .357 versus .44 video. Today, I'm taking a more detailed look at the rifles themselves

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357 Magnum Vs 44 Magnum Lever Actions Lucky Gunner Lounge. 41 Magnum Vs 44 Magnum Youtube. 45 Long Colt Vs 44 Magnum Whats The Better Round For You. 357 Magnum Vs 44 Magnum A Head To Head Comparison. 44 Mag Vs 454 Casull Vs 500 Magnum Page 3 Harley .357 Magnum vs .38 Special a confronto. La .38 Special e la .357 Magnum sono entrambe cartucce a percussione centrale, comunemente usate nei revolver. Fatta eccezione per la lunghezza della cassa, il .38 e .357 sono praticamente identici. Le cartucce .38 possono essere sparate dai revolver camerati per il .357, ma il contrario non è. JOJI JOSHUA PHILIPOSE Its Me and My World. Menu Skip to content. Home. Its Me and My World; Music Compositions. Story of The Black Pearl The .44 Magnum is unlocked at Level 46 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' s multiplayer. Compared to its Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 counterpart, it has less maximum damage, much less minimum damage, lower range, and the same amount of recoil. Though the gun works well in close quarters combat, it is less competitive in mid-long ranges due. The .44 Magnum is a powerful revolver cartridge. It was initially developed to be a more potent load of the .44 S&W Special, its parent cartridge, by Elmer Keith in 1955.. Made largely popular by Clint Eastwood in his 1971 movie Dirty Harry, it has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation among law enforcers, hunters and sporting arms enthusiasts

Dan Wesson 357 Magnum - YouTube5 Pictures That Will Help You Explain The DifferenceSmith & Wesson 686 357 Magnum 5-Inch Talo Exclusive withTaurus TrackerRuger Vaquero Cowboy Revolver Trio in 357, 45LC, 44 Mag