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Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation for Python projects (or other documents consisting of multiple reStructuredText sources), written by Georg Brandl. It was originally created for the new Python documentation, and has excellent facilities for Python project documentation, but C/C++ is supported as. pip install sphinx-notebook. Copy PIP instructions. Latest version. Released: Oct 19, 2021. Top-level package for Sphinx Notebook. Project description. Project details. Release history. Download files sphinx-toolbox can be installed from PyPI or Anaconda. To install with pip: $ python -m pip install sphinx-toolbox. To install with conda: First add the required channels. $ conda config --add channels https://conda.anaconda.org/conda-forge $ conda config --add channels https://conda.anaconda.org/domdfcoding. Then install

For Sphinx (actually, the Python interpreter that executes Sphinx) to find your module, it must be importable. That means that the module or the package must be in one of the directories on sys.path - adapt your sys.path in the configuration file accordingly sphinx-favicon. A Sphinx extension to add custom favicons. With sphinx-favicon, you can add custom favicons to your Sphinx html documentation quickly and easily. You can define favicons directly in your conf.py, with different rel attributes such as icon or apple-touch-icon and any favicon size sphinx-codeautolink can be installed from the Package Index via pip. $ pip install sphinx-codeautolink. Note that the library is in early development, so version pinning is advised. To enable sphinx-codeautolink, modify the extension list in conf.py . Note that the extension name uses an underscore rather than a hyphen Once Python is installed, you can install Sphinx using pip. Refer to the pip installation instructions below for more information. Installation from PyPI¶ Sphinx packages are published on the Python Package Index. The preferred tool for installing packages from PyPI is pip. This tool is provided with all modern versions of Python sphinx-pytype-substitution generates restructuredtext substitutions for python cross references. Once added to the extensions list of the Sphinx configuration file conf.py it adds short and handy substitutions for modules and classes. So, on one side it becomes easy to add cross references to some api documentation in the project

SanderTheDragon's Sphinx Extensions. These are some Sphinx extensions I wrote, feel free to use them.. Code Block Buttons adds copy and view buttons to code blocks.; Extra Lexers adds extra lexers to pygments currently only LLVM JSON.; Mapped Link Role adds custom roles which can be mapped to links sphindexer pip install sphindexer. Copy PIP instructions. Latest version. Released: half a minute ago. A sphinx extension to replace the IndexEntries class. Project description. Project details. Release history Using Sphinx-PyPI-upload¶ There is a great package at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/Sphinx-PyPI-upload/.2.1 which allows you to easily build and upload your docs using setuptools and your setup.py file. To install, type This theme adds styles for Sphinx object descriptions, commonly used for API documentation (e.g. class and function documentation). This is a core element of Sphinx for which there is no corresponding feature in MkDocs

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Remove toctrees from Sphinx pages. Improve your Sphinx build time by selectively removing TocTree objects from pages. This is useful if your documentation uses auto-generated API documentation, which generates a lot of stub pages.. This extension can be used to remove the sidebar links for just the pages you specify, speed up the build considerably Sphinx. Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation for Python projects (or other documents consisting of multiple reStructuredText sources), written by Georg Brandl. It was originally created for the new Python documentation, and has excellent facilities for Python project documentation, but C/C++ is. Sphinx-1.8.5-py2.py3-none-any.wh For example, to release a new x.y.z version of mpl-sphinx-theme, checkout the commit you would like to release, add a git tag, and push the tag to the main branch of the matplotlib/mpl-sphinx-theme repository: TODO: After a new release is published on PyPI, a pull request to the mpl-sphinx-theme conda-forge feedstock for the new x.y.

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  1. Top-level package for Sphinx Notebook. Homepage PyPI. License MIT Install pip install sphinx-notebook==0.1. SourceRank 4. Dependencies 1 Dependent packages 0 Dependent repositories 0 Total releases 1 Latest release 7 days ago First release 7 days ago. Releases 0.1.0 Oct 19, 2021.
  2. Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation, written by Georg Brandl and licensed under the BSD license. It was originally created for the Python documentation , and it has excellent facilities for the documentation of software projects in a range of languages
  3. Sphinx-PyPI-upload This package contains a setuptools command for uploading Sphinx documentation to the Python Package Index (PyPI) at the dedicated URL packages.python.org. It was forked from the similarly named script from Jannis Leidel

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Sphinx-exec-code allows execution of any python code during the documentation build. It's also possible to display the output of the code execution. With this extension it's easy to ensure that the provided code samples are always working Sphinx docs builder used in Envoy proxy's CI - 0.0.3 - a Python package on PyPI - Libraries.i PyPI recent updates for sphinx-notebook. Top-level package for Sphinx Notebook. 0.1.0. Need information about sphinx-reload? Check download stats, version history, popularity, recent code changes and more. Package Galaxy. Package Galaxy / Python / sphinx-reload. pypi package 'sphinx-reload' Popularity: Medium (more popular than 90% of all packages) Description:. Contribute to Ntr0/sphinx-pypi-upload development by creating an account on GitHub

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Continue development on dev_m2r where the README.md can be converted to README.rst but the documentation on PyPI is still unformatted: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/nr. useful #1 - auto members ¶. This is something I want to say that is not in the docstring. class an_example_pypi_project.useful_1. MyPublicClass (foo, bar='baz') ¶. We use this as a public class example class. You never call this class before calling public_fn_with_sphinxy_docstring (). An example of intersphinx is this: you cannot use. Install your package from the real PyPI using python3-m pip install [your-package]. At this point if you want to read more on packaging Python libraries here are some things you can do: Read more about using setuptools to package libraries in Packaging and distributing projects. Created using Sphinx 4.0.3..

sphinx-themes.org. A Sphinx Themes Gallery, curated by @pradyunsg and @shirou. This project exists to be a showcase for Sphinx themes and we'd like to include all reusable themes available on PyPI. Contributing. If you find new theme on PyPI, please file an issue or, even better, a PR for adding it Using Sphinx. This guide serves to demonstrate how one can get started with Sphinx and covers everything from installing Sphinx and configuring your first Sphinx project to using some of the advanced features Sphinx provides out-of-the-box. If you are looking for guidance on extending Sphinx, refer to Extending Sphinx. Getting Started Published on pypi, docker and github packages. AlpsPlot [GitHub] [Docs] My personal python plotting library of alps-lab style using matplotlib. Published on pypi, docker and github packages. trojanzoo_sphinx_theme [GitHub] [Demo] I modify pytorch_sphinx_theme, remove auxiliary items and make it

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sphinx.ext.autodoc. - Include documentation from docstrings. This extension can import the modules you are documenting, and pull in documentation from docstrings in a semi-automatic way. For Sphinx (actually, the Python interpreter that executes Sphinx) to find your module, it must be importable. That means that the module or the package must. This is a template repository for python projects which use sphinx for documentation, github actions for building, pytest and codecov for test coverage. Getting Started. Choose a name for the new repository. Make sure it's available as a name on testPyPi and PyPi. Create a new directory with that chosen module name This site hosts packages and documentation uploaded by authors of packages on the Python Package Index. Legal Notice. The Python Software Foundation (PSF) does not claim ownership of any third-party code or content (third party content) placed on the web site and has no obligation of any kind with respect to such third party content

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  1. pypi.org is the default upload platform as of September 2016. Uploads through pypi.python.org were switched off on July 3, 2017. As of April 13th, 2018, pypi.org is the URL for PyPI. The recommended way to migrate to PyPI.org for uploading is to ensure that you are using a new enough version of your upload tool
  2. Packaging and distributing projects¶. This section covers the basics of how to configure, package and distribute your own Python projects. It assumes that you are already familiar with the contents of the Installing Packages page.. The section does not aim to cover best practices for Python project development as a whole. For example, it does not provide guidance or tool recommendations for.
  3. The Python Package Index (PyPI)¶ The Python Package Index (PyPI) stores metadata describing distributions packaged with distutils and other publishing tools, as well the distribution archives themselves.. References to up to date PyPI documentation can be found at Reading the Python Packaging User Guide

Analyzing PyPI package downloads¶ This section covers how to use the public PyPI download statistics dataset to learn more about downloads of a package (or packages) hosted on PyPI. For example, you can use it to discover the distribution of Python versions used to download a package Welcome to the Python Packaging User Guide, a collection of tutorials and references to help you distribute and install Python packages with modern tools.. This guide is maintained on GitHub by the Python Packaging Authority.We happily accept any contributions and feedback. . Get started¶. Essential tools and concepts for working within the Python development ecosystem are covered in our. Using TestPyPI¶. TestPyPI is a separate instance of the Python Package Index (PyPI) that allows you to try out the distribution tools and process without worrying about affecting the real index. TestPyPI is hosted at test.pypi.org Registering your account¶. Because TestPyPI has a separate database from the live PyPI, you'll need a separate user account specifically for TestPyPI

Note that PyPI forces you to make a new version for each new upload. So you MUST change this for any new upload to PyPI (unlike git or other version control systems, where you can make a new commit without worrying about version numbers). I ended up with version numbers that look like until I got finished debugging my package on PyPI Sphinx theme for Dask documentation. Contribute to dask/dask-sphinx-theme development by creating an account on GitHub sphinx-toolbox -- Box of handy tools for Sphinx sphinx-toolbox — sphinx-toolbox 2.15.0 documentation sphinx-toolbo

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  1. Warehouse is a web application that implements the canonical Python package index (repository); its production deployment is PyPI. It replaces an older code base that powered pypi.python.org. The goal is to improve PyPI by making it: have more maintainable code with test coverage, docs, etc
  2. Sphinx是一个工具,可以轻松创建由Georg Brandl编写并根据BSD许可证授权的智能和美观文档. 它最初是为Python文档创建的,它具有出色的工具,可用于各种语言的软件项目文档。 当然,这个站点也是使用reStructuredText源创建
  3. Le couple PyPI/Pip se révèle d'une puissance indéniable pour le stockage et le déploiement de paquets Python. Et la possibilité, offerte par devpi, d'en disposer aussi bien avec que sans connexion Internet, aussi bien en local qu'en réseau n'est qu'un plus en sa faveur
  4. 最近因为项目上的需要,发布了一个自己的pypi Python包,这里我大致分享如何发布自己的Pypi包一般过程。 打包工作主要依赖python的一个叫setuptools的包来完成,在进行下面操作前请使用pip安装它
  5. Python rst文件打开 RST与Python类似Javadoc与Java. 如果下载了别人的Python源码,里面有rst文件夹,我们可以转为html后用浏览器打开 某个开源项目的index.
  6. 警告. pypi 源已暂时移除并重定向到 tuna pypi,详见 pypi 镜像变更通知

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  1. Search +R vs. Python -R -Jupyter +bash -Sequencing Methods -IronPython +CPython +bjoern -자바 -객체 지향 -Play framework template +Activator +Pypi -컴파일 +Sphinx Pages related to: R vs. Pytho
  2. Truco. Para volver al comienzo de la página, en cualquier lugar del sitio, basta con pulsar en el logotipo superior izquierdo. Para ver los ejemplos de código sin símbolos previos ni salida esperada, basta con pulsar en el icono >>> superior derecho dentro de cada bloque
  3. PyPI ¶ PEP 458 Built with Sphinx using a theme provided by Read the Docs. Read the Docs v: latest Versions latest Downloads pdf html epub On Read the Docs Project Home Builds Free document hosting provided by Read the Docs..
  4. sphinx-toolbox -- Box of handy tools for Sphinx sphinx-toolbox — sphinx-toolbox 2.15.0 documentation sphinx-toolbo

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Hosting is being graciously provided by the people at Octobus and CleverCloud! This is release 1.10.1 of a small Python package named cloud_sptheme. It contains a Sphinx theme named Cloud, and some related Sphinx extensions. Cloud and its extensions are primarily oriented towards generating html documentation for Python libraries sphinx-build¶ Synopsis¶. sphinx-build [options] <sourcedir> <outputdir> [filenames ]. Description¶. sphinx-build generates documentation from the files in <sourcedir> and places it in the <outputdir>.. sphinx-build looks for <sourcedir>/conf.py for the configuration settings. sphinx-quickstart(1) may be used to generate template files, including conf.py.. sphinx-multiversion 0.2. ¶. A Sphinx extension for building self-hosted versioned documentation

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