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Bike rental Rallarvegen GEILO365 . Book now . Rallarvegen has been voted Norway's most beautiful cycle path several times. The road starts at Haugastøl and follows the Bergensbanen to Finse, Hallingskeid and Myrdal before continuing along Flåmsbanen to Flåm Bike Rental along Rallarvegen. Bike Rental at Finse Bike Rental at Haugastøl Bike Rental at Cafe Rallaren at Myrdal Train Station. Sakte - Stay and Explore the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord Sakte is a collaboration between companies that provide adventures, accommodation, dining and short-travelled food- and products Rallarvegen starts by the Haugastøl tourist centre close to the Haugastøl train station. Here, you can rent bikes or buy a bike rental package. The cycle route from Haugastøl to Finse rises 222 metres through scenic nature, with plenty of cultural artefacts from the time when the Bergen Line was built Rallarvegen, the service road built for the construction of the Bergenline, has won a special status as a cycle track and is becoming more and more popular every year. 80 km - Season: 10/7-30/9. INFO ABOUT THE ROUTE AND STAGES. Rallarvegen Haugastøl - Flåm. In addition to the Haugastøl -Flåm stretch, there is a 43 km road further on the.

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If you want to ride from Finse to Flåm the price for bringing your bike on the train will be 480,- NOK (the same as renting a bike) Visit the Rallar museum in Finse. A trip on Rallarvegen is a travel back in time Bike rental at Café Rallaren - from Myrdal to Flåm. We offer bike rentals from June 15. to september 15.2021. 1. July to 31. august between 09:30 and 17:00 1. Sept to 15. Sept between 09.30 and 16.00. Café Rallaren's bike rental shop is located by the platform at Myrdal Station

Rallarvegen. The most popular biking trip in Norway is riding the Rallarvegen or The Navvies' Road. This is an exceptionally beautiful cycle route that will leave unforgettable impressions, from the Roof of Norway down to the fjord. Electric bike rental in Geiranger Rallarvegen biking (equipment + bike rental) (Myrdal - Flåm) RIB Fjord Safari (Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord) Historical Flåm Railway (Flåm - Myrdal) Bergen Railway (Myrdal - Bergen) Adult Ages 16+. kr6,900. Child 10 - 15 years old. kr4,900

Kontakt oss. Haugastøl Turistsenter AS 3595 Haugastøl Tlf: 32 08 75 64 E-mail: mail@haugastol.no. Personvernerklærin Bike Rental Rallarvegen. September 23, 2017 by maximobriones6300. Please choose your delivery country from the drop down below. We specialize in mountain bike service, particularly entrance & rear suspension Services and hydraulic brake servicing. You can not reserve a family bike Day 2: Pick up of rental bikes in our bike shop. Most guests take the train to Finse and bike the beautiful ride down to Flåm. Alternatively you can take the train to Hallingskeid if you want a shorter and easier trip. When you get to Flåm you return you bike at our rental located by the train station Rallarvegen, the service road built for the construction of the Bergenline, has won a special status as a cycle track and is becoming more and more popular every year. In addition to the Haugastøl -Flåm stretch, there is a 43 km road further on the west of the Gravahals tunnel, from Upsete to Voss. Because of the altitude difference from. Rallarvegen - The Navvies Road Cycling Rallarvegen, the Navvies Road, is one of the most popular cycling routes in Norway and is feasible for most people who are used to bicycling. Start by catching the train to Finse along the railway line between Oslo and Bergen and ride on the old construction road across the mountains and down to Flåm by the fjord in a day

24 inch wheels. From 8-9 years and up. Not possible to attach panniers. Actual bike may differ from picture- Welcome to Haugastøl! Snowkiting » Rallarvegen packages On the Rallarvegen & zipline tour, you start the bike ride from Finse to Vatnahalsen where the exciting zipline trip starts. Here you, after safety instructions, 'fly' with the zipline through the wild and beautiful nature down to Kårdal in Flåmsdalen. After a short break at Rallarosa, you cycle down Flåmsdalen to Flåm ALL INCLUSIVE - RALLARVEGEN * Prices from 2950.-. MINIPACKAGE - RALLARVEGEN * Prices from 2150.-. Webcam Bicycle hire, Kårdal - Flåm (Rallarvegen) Note: It's important to choose a Zipline departure that matches the arrival of the Flåm Railway at Vatnahalsen as Zipline tickets are valid for 1 hour. Duration: 3-6 hours. Bikes: Must be returned to the Quay at Flåm Marina by: 20:0

Rallarvegen is open with bike rental from 15th July to 20th September. You can find out more and plan your cycling holiday online through the travel website visitrallarvegen.no. Worth mentioning is that you can also choose to stay at Haugastol for the entire stay and jump on and off the train and do the whole cycling route in 2-3 days The cycle train stops at Haugastøl, Finse, Hallingskeid, Myrdal and Voss. It is possible to send your luggage with the cycle train to and from the stations at Haugastøl, Finse, Myrdal and Flåm. If you hire a cycle, you do not need to worry about the transport, you simply collect your cycle where you start and deliver the cycle down in Flåm We offer our own line of Rallarvegen bike products. All the items are affordable quality items suitable for Rallarvegen. You can find sunglasses, gloves, t-shirts, boot covers, bottles and much more. Unfortunately we can not rent out helmets, so we sell them at cost price. Only 399,- quality helmets The Rallarvegen (Navvies Road) cycle route has developed into one of the most popular in Norway, taking you on a journey through magnificent nature, culture and history. Inspiration The bike tour from Finse to Flam is 57 km long, passing by glaciers, mountain lakes and streams in a typical Norwegian mountain landscape CYCLING - RALLARVEGEN 80 km - Season: 10/7-30/9 Rallarvegen, the service road built for the construction of the Bergenline, has won a special status as a cycle track and is becoming more and more popular every year. I booked the train fare and bike rental online before my cruise to Flam

Bike packages and rental bikes are booked at www.rallarvegen.com. Translated. Rallarvegen. August 22, 2017 · De neste dagene blir fantastiske på Rallarvegen! Vi har en ledig type D leilighet førstkommende helg. Perfekt for storfamilien eller en vennegjeng Mountain-bike rental is available from the Finse 1222 Hotel, but advance reservations are required. Flåm to Gudvangen: sailing the Nærøyfjord Flåm is the starting (or ending) point for one of the most stupendous ferry trips in the fjords, the two-hour cruise up the Aurlandsfjord and down its narrow offshoot, the Nærøyfjord (May-Sept 3-4 daily; 2hr 10min; 275kr one-way, 380kr return One of the most scenic and well-known cycling routes is the Navvies' Road (Rallarvegen), which goes from Haugastøl to Flåm and down to the Sognefjord. And you can keep cycling: along 'the King of the fjords', the Sognefjord, on level roads with little traffic in a scenic paradise of impressive waterfalls, idyllic small communities, agriculture typical of Fjord Norway and unique culture

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  1. Bike rental for all ages with sturdy, high quality bicycles, the same as used for Rallarvegen, and suitable for both asphalt and terrain. Gears and double brake-system allow to also descend steep roads. Bike rental rates. - 1 hour: 110,- nok. - 2 hours: 160,- nok
  2. Rallarvegen - et stykke norsk historie. På Rallarvegen kan du cykle i eget tempo. Denne 82 kilometer lange rute fører dig gennem fjeldfyldte landskaber og er ikke overraskende Norges mest populære cykelrute. På ydersiden af Hardangervidda leder Rallarvegen dig langs Bergensbanen fra Haugastøl via Finse, Hallingskeid og Myrdal hele vejen.
  3. g more and more popular every year. 80 km - Season: 10/7-30/9. More Details
  4. en/bike-rental. 80 km. TRIP. TRAVELMAP ACTIV. adventure by bike. RALLARVEGEN. Norway's most famous cycle route, copyright TRAVELMAP 2021.
  5. Cycling is definitely one of the best ways to see the spectacular Norwegian nature in your own pace. Here are 13 of the most stunning bike routes in the country. Rallarvegen. Rallarvegen - the navvy road - runs through a dramatic, lush and challenging landscape rich in culture, history and unique nature. The
  6. Rallarvegen is the most popular cycling route in Norway, and follows the hand-made service road used during the building of the Bergenbanen railway from 1895-1902. Rallarvegen follows the outskirts of the Hardangervidda Plateau, leads you along the Bergen Railway Line from Haugastøl via Finse, Hallingskeid, Myrdal and down to Flåm
  7. Rallarvegen sykkelutleie er Norges største sykkelutleier. Vi leier ut sykler både fra Haugastøl, Finse og Flåm. Som utleier er vi opptatt av å nye og velegnede sykler til Rallarvegen for at du som kunde skal ha en best mulig tur. Alle våre sykler gjennomgår full service etter hver eneste tur. Vi tilbyr i samarbeid med DBS spesialbygde sykler til Rallarvegen

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Norges mest populære sykkelvei! Rallarvegen går gjennom et dramatisk, frodig og utfordrende landskap som byr på kultur, historie og enestående naturopplevelser. Veien ble bygget for hånd rundt forrige århundreskifte for å transportere utstyr og proviant under byggingen av Bergensbanen. Rallarvegen er i dag en av Norges mest populære sykkelruter og er 80 km lang fra Haugastø. Rallarvegen, der Bahnarbeiterweg, ist die beliebteste Fahrradroute in Norwegen. Auf dem 82 Kilometer langen Weg durch Gebirgslandschaft in Fjord Norwegen bestimmen Sie das Tempo Sykle Rallarvegen. Sykkelutleige Meny. Velkommen til Café Rallaren. Café Rallaren ligg på Myrdal stasjon ved Bergensbanen 867 moh. Dette er knutepunktet som bind Flåmsbana saman med Bergensbanen. Vi tilbyr sykkelutleige og bagasjeoppbevaring. Pga pandemien vil kafeen denne sesongen ha redusert åpningstid og meny A Personal Perspective on the 12-Mile Myrdal to Flåm Cycling Tour. My tour of this portion of Rallarvegen came a few days after hiking a glacier for the first time, so I may be a bit biased in saying this, but it was truly one of the most relaxing experiences I had in the Norwegian countryside.It balanced well against the exhilaration and the strength required of the glacier hike; if you're. If you want to do the whole route, the best idea is to contact one of the hotels further along the track. Haugastøl Turistsenter, in Hardangervidda, who organise two-night packages on the Rallarvegen including accommodation, bike rental and transport.The more upmarket Finse 1222 offers similar bike-and-stay packages and a slightly shorter journey. . Both hotels allow you to leave bikes in.

Rallarvegen har fleire gonger blitt kåra til Norges vakraste sykkelveg! Vegen starter på Haugastøl og følger Bergensbanen til Finse, Hallingskeid og Myrdal før den fortsetter langs Flåmsbanen til Flåm. Veien bringer deg gjennom et fantastisk høyfjellsområde fra 1000 m.o.h. opp til 1340 meters høyde og ned til hav nivå Mountain Bike Nakamura Grade M50. På Rallarvegen er sykkelen selvskrevet! Det kan forekomme at du vil få en sykkel med tilsvarende egenskaper. Halvdag. 3 timer. kr 350. Heldag. 8 timer. kr 390. Inkludert for alle utleiesykler: All rental guidelines. Rallarvegen er eit kulturhistorisk minnesmerke. Frå vegen vil du heile tida ha kontakt med Bergensbanen, som vart opna i 1909. Ca. 80 km - sesong: 10/7 - 30/ During the winter season we offer our popular winter package The package consists of: Accommodation two nights (Friday-Sunday) and dinner on Saturday Fra fjell til fjord på Rallarvegen. Rallarvegen er en klassiker som flere ganger har blitt kåret til Norges vakreste sykkeltur, og mer enn 25 000 mennesker sykler den hvert år. Rallarvegen ble bygget mellom 1894 og 1902 som en anleggsvei til Bergensbanen. I dag er den et minnesmerke over det ufattelige slitet det var å lage togforbindelse.

Ski Rental The situation around COVID19 means that during the summer season 2021 we are forced to make changes to our routines and what products we have can offer. Its difficult to predict how the infection will be this winter, so we have to adapt our product trough-out the winter Rallarvegen bike map map covers Haugastøl, Finse, Hallingskeid, Vatnahalsen, Myrdal, Flåm Rallarvegen bike map 1:50 000 - Water resistant I Norway's largest map store JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser

During the shoulder season (spring and autumn) it is possible to rent an apartment, but no common areas, reception or restaurant are available. The winter season lasts from 1 February and 18 April. (weekends 15-17, 22-24 and 29-31 January 2021 restaurant / reception is open) The summer season is from 3 July - 19 September Situated at the start of Rallarvegen, and with the biggest mountain plateau in Northern Europe on our doorstep, Haugastøl becomes a natural choice to stop by. During the summer months we offer accomodation, bike rental for use on the famous Rallarvegen, as well as fishing and hunting possibilities Answer 1 of 7: Hi, We are visiting the Flam area on 23rd and 24th of May. The current itinerary is 1. 23rd May : Take the express ferry from Bergen to Flam and reach Flam at 13:30 Hrs. From there explore the area.go to Gudvangen , Aurland, And..


We rented bikes in Myrdal and biked the 21 KM down to Flam along the Rallarvegen - the old Navvies road. Totally enjoyable. Got to see the scenery up close - the train ride up is a good introduction. The bike ride down is the best. Stop at the Goat farm along the way for some great cheese Bergen Bike Rent is a five to ten minute walk from the Fish Market and the Tourist Information in Bergen, near the cruise ship port at Bontelabo 2. We hire out new off-road bikes (Scott) and El-bikes (S6-1, S7-1 and S10) When you hire a bike, you also get a helmet, lock, map, tools and a lockable bag per family Haugastøl 1. Haugastøl 2. Haugastøl For more information and booking of bike rentals see www.rallarvegen.com. Related Videos. 0:08. Sommerens sykkelsesong nærmer seg med stormskritt. Årets sykkeltog starter 5. Juli, og med snømengden i fjellet er vi optimistiske på at det skal være mulig å sykle hele veien da

Just to mention elektrical bikes, mountainbikes touring bikes and child bikes. The other option is to rent from Geilo Sykkelutleie. Some hotells offers bike rental for their guests, please inform in the reception of your accomodation. Are you intrestet to cycle on the Rallarvegen we advice you to rent a bike at Haugastøl turistsenter Rallarvegen Video 1. Rallarvegen Video 2. Rallarvegen Photos. We got into Bergen, Norway just after sunset on Tuesday night August 18th. We had bought a SIM card in Oslo since we'd be in Norway for almost a month. It was so nice to be able to call our friend from the train station. I've known Makalani since she lived in Hawaii for a. Rallarvegen is the most popular cycling route in Norway! Enjoy the wild and beautiful nature of Norway's westcoast, with sheltered fjords, lush, green valleys, spectacular waterfalls and rushing river rapids. The contrast and experiences are remarkable and just have to be experienced to be believed! Rallarvegen is the most popular cycling route in Norway, offering both a historical and close.

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  1. Rallarvegen Easy. 5.0 (2) You can one-way rent bicycles at the Finse station and then drop them off at the Flåm railway station. Shared By: Jiri Hajek. Full Details. Trail Ratings 5.0 from 2 votes #1 in Hallingskarvet #1993 Overall. Show.
  2. Train Oslo to Haugastøl Cycled Haugastøl to Finse. Date: September 2nd 2011. Rallarvegen is a famous cycling route along an old rail service track about halfway between Oslo and Bergen in Norway.You can rent bikes from the rail company, and they'll take the bikes off you at the other end
  3. Short edit of our bike ride on the 'Rallarvegen' between Haugastol and Finse (and back) in August 2015. A beautiful experience in a stunning Norwegia
  4. Der Rallarvegen gehört mit Sicherheit zu den schönsten Radwegen in Europa. Er entstand beim Bau der Bergenbahn von Oslo nach Bergen ist heute als Rad- und Wa..
  5. Navvies' road. Rallarvegen - the old navvies' road - is the ultimate cycling experience and has become one of the most popular cycling routes in the country. It stretches about 80 kilometers from Haugastøl in the east to Flåm in the west. There is also an alternative route to Voss
  6. Rallarvegen. In the summer season you can experience the amazing views anlong the road build longside the railroad in the beginning of the 1900s. You can rent bikes at Finse 1222 or Haugastøl Bike Rent. Read more about the route here. Info folder for printing you can find here. Finsehytta Postadresse Postboks 25, 5719.
  7. Rent a bike at the tourist office near the port and cycle along Flåmsdalsvegen, a quiet road that meanders through the lower part of the Flåm valley. The scenic ride is flat and runs parallel to the railroad tracks. Just a few kilometers into the route is the old village of Flåm, known for its st..

Disse opplevelsene er best for sykkelturer i Vestlandet: Terrengsykkel - Voss skog. Bike rental with helmet in Norway. Spektakulær e-sykkel tur til fjellet over Flo. Guidet dagstur til Flåm - Rallarvegen Biking, Flåm Railway og RIB Fjord Safari By the time you've ridden the extraordinary Flåm to Myrdal train, from sea level steeply up through the most spectacular scenery to 867m, you're ready to believe the bike-rental man's promis You'll cycle inland through idyllic cultural landscapes cultivated until you reach Frøyseth Gardsmat (farm-hotel). Don't forget your camera! PACAGE: The tour includes bike rental (incl. bike bag, helmet, lights and tool kit), info pack (overview map, info and hiking maps for Masfjorden), 4 nights w / breakfast, packed lunch and dinner, as well as entrance to the Bjorn West Museum There are several companies that rent out kayaks and have guided kayak tours both in Aurland, Flåm and Gudvangen. Read more. Rallarvegen Cycle Route. The Rallarvegen Cycle Route is a well-known cycle route in Norway. It starts at Finse, 1222 meters above sea level, and ends in Flåm. Read more

Rallarvegen - the Bergen Line construction road - is one of Norway's most popular cycle routes. The route from Finse to Voss covers a distance of 80 km, taking you through a typical Norwegian mountain landscape along glaciers, mountain lakes and brooks Take the trail to Haugastøl or Finse and bike on the famous Rallarvegen, a whole day experience from the highest train station in Norway, Finse at 1222m down the Flåm at sea level. Geilo and the Hallingdal region has an extensive network of mountain roads to bike with your tourbike or e-bike Bicycle hire for 2 days at Hagastøl Turistsenter or Finse 1222 Train from Bergen to Haugastøl or Finse Train from Flåm or Myrdal to Bergen . Accommodation: Overnight stays en route are highly recommended. Please find more information at www.fjordpass.no. You will find Fjord Pass providers at Vatnahalsen near Myrdal, Aurland and Flåm Vi har billetter til ny gondolen på Voss med rabatt hvis du bestiller terrengsykling hos oss, vennligst send en e-post for forespørsel på info@outdoornorway.com. PROGRAM. Mountain Bike utleie i Norge. Vi ligger ved innsjøen til Vangsvatnet, bare 100 meter fra tog- og busstasjonen

Address of Rallarvegen Bikerental - Flåm, submit your review or ask any question, search nearby places on map The historic Rallarvegen is probably the most famous bike route in Norway. Although it was originally built for the railway workers of the Oslo-Bergen line in the late 1990s, today the 81-km-long gravel track that runs along mountains, glaciers, rivers and waterfalls is on the list of many a cyclist I have moderate fitness. The bikes we hired from Finse 1222 were great with easy to use gears and disc breaks. All the bikes have a carrier on the back to strap your day pack on. Remember to bring straps, pack water and lunch. If you want to wear a helmet you need to bring your own as they don't hire them out. We took our time- 8.5 hours Rallarvegen B(v)iking Scandinavia Part 3: Oslo to Bergen. And is even marked as a bike route in many areas (albeit a rainy and sometimes treacherous one). After toasting our victory in the local Viking bar (obvs), we camped behindl a kayak rental but

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Sykkel , our Rallarvegen bicycle rental, is the bicycle shop at the eastern end of the platform. It is where you collect the bicycle you have booked. Denne turen er for tiden ikke åpen for bestillinger. Legg gjerne igjen din e-post adresse, så kontakter vi deg så snart det er mulig å bestille turen This video shows the first a two day bike trip along the 80 km long gravel road Rallarvegen from Haugastøl to Flåm in Norway. The 27 km long trip at day 1 goes from Haugstøl to Finse. Most of the trip is shown in this video - minute by minute. The route goes along the gravel road Rallarvegen that was built early in the 19th century Rallarvegen lengde; Rallarvegen bike rental; Download kml. : rallarvegen Rallarvegen. img. Finse 1222 - Rallarvegen / The Navvy Road is passing the The road runs with parallel bergen. img. Rallarvegen cycling in Norway - Book a tour - Fjord Tours. The road runs with parallel the wikipediaRallarvegen. img Bergen: Rallarvegen Biking, Fjord Boat Tour & Flåm Railway. Private group. Pickup available. Skip the line. From. US$ 937.96. per person. View all Aurlandsfjord in Speed & Jet Boat Tours pianura kleding online Sykkel , our Rallarvegen bicycle rental, is the bicycle shop at the eastern end of the platform. It is where you collect the bicycle you have booked. Rallarvegen - Haugastølvegen , Haugastøl - Rated based on Reviews Recommend %, this is one to tick off the bucket list! please read 4,6/5()

Rallarvegen (The Navvy Road), Ulvik: Hi, I plan on cycling in late agust from Myrdal... | Check out answers, plus see 37 reviews, articles, and 51 photos of Rallarvegen (The Navvy Road), ranked No.2 on Tripadvisor among 11 attractions in Ulvik Sykkel , our Rallarvegen bicycle rental, is the bicycle shop at the eastern end of the platform. It is where you collect the bicycle you have booked. Rallarvegen - Haugastølvegen , Haugastøl - Rated based on Reviews Recommend %, this is one to tick off the bucket list! please read 4,6/5()

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Rallarvegen, Ulvik: Se anmeldelser fra reisende, artikler, bilder og gode tilbud for Rallarvegen i Ulvik, Ulvik på Tripadvisor Biking Trails Nature & Parks Outdoor Activities Rallarvegen (The Navvy Road) Hiking & Camping Tours Nature & Wildlife Tours Tours Joklagutane AS Gear Rentals Fishing Charters & Tours Kayaking & Canoeing Boat Tours Boat Tours & Water Sports Ulvik Fishing B-Active Center Walking Tours Bike Tours B-Natur

Sykkelgruppa, Oslo, Norway. 73 likes. Sykkelgruppa består av syklister som gjennom felles interesse for skog og mark møtes 2 ganger i uka for å sykle samme Fjord Norway is the ultimate destination to witness some of Norway's most picturesque cities and awe-inspiring fjords. Within this breathtaking region, you can see the Sognefjord, the Hardanger Fjord and the Lysefjord as well as Bergen, Ålesund and Stavanger which are located along the beautiful coast and nestled between thousands of Islands, islets and skerries

International Bicycle Travel Forum » Reiseberichte » Göteborg - Südnorwegen - Rallarvegen - Oslo Who's Online 16 registered ( mati77 , derSammy , rolf7977 , jutta , KaivK , 8 invisible), 247 Guests and 429 Spiders online Unique experience by the lake // Myrdal, Flåm * Accessible only by train, bicycle or foot * Beautiful hytte at the top of Flåm valley with a great view on Reinunga lake. No roads but accessible by train from Flåm, Bergen and Oslo and by bike along the famous Rallarvegen

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Sykkel - Rallarvegen - Sykkelstier in Flåm, Aurland - Sognefjord Med over 25 års erfaring med sykkelutleie på Rallarvegen har vi lært oss hva som fungerer på Rallarvegen. Du finner våre sykkel og utleier på Haugastøl, Finse og i Flåm. Som utleier er vi opptatt av å nye sykler som er spesialtilpasset til Rallarvegen Answer 1 of 5: Hi, I had a couple of queries about this travel 1. Are the tickets prebooked or can be purchased from the station? 2. Is there a possibility of trains being full? My travel is on 1st July. 3. Is there any place to hire cycles for my return.. 22 Oct 2021 - Rent from people in Myrdal, Norway from $28 NZD/night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. Belong anywhere with Airbnb

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Cycling & mountain biking in Norway, tours, bike rentalBike rental - BIKE RENTAL - B-ActivePackagesRental bikes parked at the railway station Finse on the